Watch This Space For Pre-Owned, Refurbished Hot Tubs

Sometimes, even a “free tub” is not a good deal. By the time you add up the cost of getting the tub up and running and in good condition, you will have spent so much of your hard earned money that would have been better off buying a brand new spa, unless you bought a certified used hot tub from Montana Hot Spring Spas.

After serving Southwest Montana for over 30 years, Montana Hot Spring Spas has sold and serviced thousands of local hot tubs. Often times, hot tub enthusiasts wish to upgrade their existing tub to a new model. And since Montana Hot Spring Spas offers a unique trade-in program, there are many high quality, used tubs available.

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Highlife Prodigy

5 seats - 22 jets - 290 gallons - 6'6" x 7' x 33"


Highlife Grandee

7 seats - 43 jets - 450 gallons - 8'4" x 7'7" x 38"